About US

Hear It Clear is a live event production network born from the industry itself which means that we understand your struggles, intimately. Our founders have been working in the industry for a combined 60 years from running cables to managing whole tours. Our platform is a one-stop-shop for everything and everyone that you need to plan and execute an event and is also an active network for industry workers and those looking to expand into the industry.

Our platform

Our platform will connect millions of workers with opportunities of all sizes and types around the country and eventually the world. There are hundreds of thousands of events in the US every year not including weddings and the like. Imagine being alerted to every opportunity and having the flexibility to build your own schedule.  Our system can send bids to you that fit your preferences so you only see what you want to see.  You’ll be able to set basic rates and desired gig types in your profile.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of live event workers with various expertise that helped shape our platform to be the most interactive and efficient way to standardize the industry.

Bryan Haysom

Businessman, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Historian, Teacher, Philanthropist

CJ Carlson

Event Account Manager, Production Manager, Concert Mixer, Audio Systems Designer, Show Programmer.

Bobby Bell

Tour manager, Concert Tour Mixer, Production Manager